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If you're sick of being the person who does all the cleaning, without getting help from your spouse, and putting up with children who think you're their personal maid, then Team Clean is the book for you.

Get ready...this simple step by step approach will walk you through a life changing experience! You will not only never clean alone again, you will instill life lessons in your children and bond as a family like never before.

You may very well get back the family you dreamed of when you first got married and had kids!

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What People are Saying About Team Clean

"Team Clean is going to change your family's life. In fact, it is a testament to the value of family activities."
Washington Post
"Family members bond without realizing it; no one is on a phone or computer, and everyone is talking as they clean."

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What people are saying about Team Clean and Carol Paul

Mike Krzyzewski
Basketball Coach - Duke

The most important team you'll ever coach is your family, and this book will show you just how to do it. It's a must read for a busy parent trying to make sure to keep family time in the schedule.

James "JB" Brown
Sportscaster - NFL Today

I've been part of some great teams in my life, DeMatha High School, Harvard University, The NFL Today, and Inside the NFL. There is a lot to be learned from being a team member. This book shows you how to take the team concept and use it with the most important people in your life-your family. I can't think of a greater way to invest your time!

Tina Galdieri
Cheerleading Coach - Balt. Ravens

What a great idea to use the team concept to ease the life of a busy, overworked, stressed out mom. The life lessons children can learn from this are infinite and the fact that you get a clean house along with it is priceless. A win/win for parents and children!

Brandon Parker
Washington Post

There is no I in teamwork. Everybody knows that. But nobody wants to clean up the house, either. So Carol Paul has brilliantly solved the problem of making responsibility fun again! She approaches the job like a big league sport. And she may also have found the glue that brings every family together.

Geraldine Valentino-Smith
State Delegate (MD)

A close family, life lessons for your children, and a CLEAN HOUSE-what more could you want? This quick read can make it happen overnight!

Doug Peters
State Senator (MD)

Carol Paul is the perfect combo of: motivator, event planner, and positive energy. Her Team Clean concept promises to strengthen your family bond while building discipline in your children. A book worth reading!

Lura Fleece
Cheerleading Coach - UMD

Having a 'game plan' is essential for a successful team. I was motivated to get my family team back on track, and having Team Clean as a playbook was inspiring, easy to follow, and motivating. My family was excited to have a goal to work toward together, and our first month on the program has a been a huge win for our family.

Mike Brey
Basketball Coach - Notre Dame

As a coach, I can tell you that kids thrive from being a part of a team. Put this concept into action and the life lessons your children will get out of it are countless. Some things are better taught through the coach/player method, and this book gives you a way to do just that!

Patrick Snow
Best-Selling Author

Magician, Therapist, Scientist...I am not sure what she is...but Carol Paul has done it! She will have your family asking you if they can clean each week! A truly family spirited book...a must read for every parent.

Morgan Wootten
HOF Basketball Coach

I have lived my life with the priorities of God, Family, School, Basketball. After reading this book, I am thinking I might amend them to: God, Family, School, TEAM CLEAN!

Michael Olmert

Carol Paul shouldn't be a housewife/mother! She should be coaching the Redskins. Except coaching the Skins is way easier! The world has been waiting for this book. So has the floor underneath the sofa.

Meg Daly Olmert

Every mother is really a head coach. In this book, Carol Paul breaks down all the tasks involved in keeping house, as if cleaning is football camp. Tasks are plays; kids and parents are players; disorder and mess are the opponents. Voila! Your family is once again a team. And they live in a spic-and-span home.

Carol's Comments On Your Comments

Read below for some frequently asked questions about TeamClean.


"Our family loves doing Team Clean. One of our kids always finishes earlier than everyone else and my husband gets so irritated that he is sitting around not doing anything while everyone else is working that he has him do extra stuff. It is stuff that needs to be done but our son really hates it."
The life lesson here is that the kids are leaning to take ownership of a job. That won't happen if Team Clean is just that they have to work for an hour. Everyone knows that people paid by the hour work slower and less efficiently than those paid by the job. Let your child be proud of taking ownership of his jobs, starting them on time and doing them well. He deserves to be done when he has completed them.


“We do Team Clean just like you have taught us except we have added the concept of "every others". We all have our normal jobs on the chart but we also each have one job that is every other week. This allows each of us to have one extra job since we rotate it every other week. It means being able to add items like cleaning out the inside of the fridge!”
We never did this because we felt it was important for kids to know what they were getting into and not feel like things were being piled on each week. Keeping the chart identical each week allows kids (and adults) to learn their job perfectly and become quite good at it. If your chart only changes every other week and then goes right back (meaning only two charts are in the rotation) I can see how family members could adjust to this and how the household could benefit from the extra jobs! I like it :)


"I read your book and love the concept! This past week the kids had a day off from school and I gave everyone a team clean project. It wasn't the extent of what you do in the book but it was a step in the right direction."
I am glad you like Team Clean! Be careful... giving everyone a job on their day off is not Team Clean. There is no reward/family activity here. Kids might think this is just a punishment. You had them do it that makes it a team thing, but you need to incorporate the tradition part (activity/reward and just as importantly establish a time they are aware of ahead)


"Wanted to let you know we are taking your team clean idea to the St. Vincent De Paul Society. Once a month our family team clean is going to be for cleaning their warehouse as a family."
What a great idea. Love that you are giving back!


"Our oldest vacuums the rugs and he just vacuums the middle of all the rooms. He doesn’t vacuum behind any furniture. I made him go back and move everything and get behind and under everything. I couldn't believe he thought he had finished vacuuming by just doing the middle...Kids!"
It is so much easier to teach the job correctly before it is done wrong than to go back and make a child redo it. Try your best to train the kids correctly for each job you give them. It is so disheartening for a child to hear he has done it wrong or has to redo a job. Often, I overlook a sloppy job and just make it a point to show the child the correct way the next week before we start. It is very rare that I would have someone go back and redo a sloppy job. My husband disagrees with this...but I try to treat the kids the way I would want to be treated after cleaning for forty-five minutes. I know the last thing I would want to hear is what I did wrong! (Think about how it feels when you have done something great and someone walks in and notices the one mistake or the one thing you haven’t done yet...not a good feeling.)


"We do Team Clean on different days each week. Sometimes we do the food part first if we start Team Clean late on a weekend day and we just make the meal lunch. It seems like the kids want to do this Team Clean thing, but we can’t really get on track"
In terms of picking a day, I can’t stress enough how important it is to pick a regular day and time. Imagine someone waking you up one day and saying, "I have decided you have to get dressed up in a suit and be at work in thirty minutes," and then the next week walking in on a Friday evening and saying, “Put on a suit; you need to be at work in a half hour.” It would be really tough to change gears and mentally accept that you have to go along with the plan each time. In life, you might never find the best workday or time, but knowing it ahead of time really helps you accept and prepare for it. This is true for Team Clean also.

In terms of eating before you clean, that's like having happy hour and chilling before work! It would be really hard to go to work after that second margarita! For a kid, it’s almost like getting the paycheck, spending it on what he or she wanted to buy, enjoying the item, and then going to work to work it off!


"We can’t seem to find a night that works. We are thinking of trying a Saturday or Sunday morning and then ordering lunch. What do you think?"
I think this is fine. As long as you establish your day and time and your tradition afterwards, it should work. Try the best you can to look into the future and think of all the stages your family has left and what might work best for the long term. Teenagers are not too happy about waking up early or being kept home on a weekend night.


"We barely get through our evenings now; how did you ever fit in Team Clean?"
Remember that the hour and a half to two hours your entire Team Clean will take (this includes the reward) really just replaces dinner prep and cleanup time. Don’t tell the kids, but you were working anyway; now you just have help!


"I want to start Team Clean right now! My kids seem too young. They are two and seven. Can I do it?"
You sure can! The key is to start a family night. You can rush through cleaning a whole house pretty fast even when just three “able” people are part of the process. Make sure to include the two year old though. He/she can move things where you need them to go. Like put the dustpan or dirty rags away. Seven year olds can vacuum and clean a toilet if you teach them. The teaching days are the most important ones. You might not even be able to do your own jobs the first time or two, but that’s okay. You will be glad you trained the kids correctly. Show your pride in their jobs when they are done. They should have to come get you, “the inspector,” to sign off on their jobs when they are complete. Maybe even let them hear you call Grandma and brag about what they did!

Remember this: Whatever you get done on Team Clean night is more than you were doing before, and you are starting a habit and tradition. The younger your kids are the better. They won’t remember a time before Team Clean and will accept it as a part of life. If you have to “supplement” (hire help, clean in secret on your own, etc.) when your kids are young, then do it, but believe me, it won’t be long before you are only cleaning once a week, and it won’t be alone!


"My husband says he thinks Team Clean is a good idea, but he just won’t adhere to a weekly schedule. It is all up to me. How do I make this happen if he won’t lead it?"
Communication is the key. You need to tell him separately from the night of Team Clean that this is important to you and that you want to try it. You should tell him that Team Clean will mean less nagging from you for household help in the end. Team Clean will give him his weekends. Tell him you understand that he is tired and that he is not excited about doing a household chore, but if everyone just sucks it up and does one little part, it makes life easier for everyone. His involvement will mean the kids will cooperate, and you need that from him. The fun family time will be worth it in the end. We have found that making Team Clean be on Thursday has put a change in the routine of the “same old, same old” of the week night schedule and allowed us to feel like we are starting the weekend a little early.

And lastly...does he get a headache every week when Team Clean is about to start? Maybe tell him you promise never to get a headache on Team Clean Night! (Remember...weekly rewards ! :)

About The Author

Carol Paul
Published Author

Carol is the author of The Team Clean which was published in the Summer of 2013. She is a professional speaker, Team Clean coach and co-owner of a basketball camp. She lives with her husband Steve (of over 26 years) and her four children in Bowie, Maryland. She and her husband established "Team Clean" in their family home in the Fall of 2000. Since 1991, she has co-owned a basketball camp with her father and brother. She spends her summers, with her family, in Frostburg, Maryland, where the camps have been located since 1998. Each season, they instruct 2500 boys and girls and over 300 coaches from all over the world. On the side, she manages a couple of beach house rentals and loves to help at the EPIC Brands' Reach-the-Beach Cheer events (her sister's company). She has chaired several community non-profit events over the years; St. Pius X FUNDAY, Ascension OKTOBERFEST, and The Chorbajian Children's Fundraiser to name a few. She serves on numerous committees including two annual events: The St. Ambrose Spaghetti Dinner and The St. Ambrose Golf Tournament. She formed, and coached, a school dance team for her local elementary school in 2002. She started the ACT youth group in 2007 and built it around four cornerstones: faith, fundraising, free-aid to the needy and fun. She served quite a few years for her local school's Home and School Association and The School Board. She often shares her beliefs that to be happy you should live by four Ps: marry the right person (and be the right person to be married to), make and keep priorities, be positive-always, play-have fun. She truly enjoys running events, but her main passion is her family (and spending time at the beach!)

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Fundraiser Information

Team Clean is the perfect book for overworked, stressed-out and unappreciated parents. It not only solves the problem of Mom feeling like the family's maid, but it has reunited families that have drifted apart, created bonds between siblings that were lost and instilled discipline and life lessons in children. It definitely brings couples closer and, for many, has brought back the family that people dream about when they first get married. And best of all it's a great fundraiser for your club!

How It Works:

The Team Clean fundraiser works this way:

  • You sell Team Clean: The Ultimate Family Clean-Up-The-House Formula
  • You take $8 per book sold
  • We suggest that you ask each family to sell a quota of five books
  • & have prizes and incentives for selling more.
  • 250 families@ 3 books each =$6,000 for the club
  • 250 families@ 5 books each =$10,000 for the club
  • 250 families@ 10 books each =$20,000 for the club
  • 500 families@ 3 books each =$12,000 for the club
  • 500 families@ 5 books each =$20,000 for the club
  • 500 families@ 10 books each =$40,000 for the club

All books are delivered to your club for the kids to deliver to whom they sold to.

Fundraising Success

Just recently, a local sports program made $22,000 selling Team Clean! You can too!

Carol Paul knows how to fundraise and she can help you.

With the help of some AMAZING committee members, Carol started the following events that had not previously existed:

  • St. Pius Family FUNDAY (1998-2010) - over $14,000 annually
  • A one time silent Auction for The Chorbajian Children (when they lost their parents) (held at DeMatha High School) - raised $80,000
  • Ascension Catholic Church OKTOBERFEST (2007-2010) - $11,000 annually
  • Ascension (youth group) Spaghetti Dinner (2007 -2010) - $2,500 annually
  • Elizabeth Seton High School Reverse Raffle (2009) - raised $6,000

She volunteers as a committee member at other events too...helping to brainstorm ways to make money for numerous non-profit organizations!

Selling Team Clean is easy on the seller, the customer & the school...and big bucks in the end! It's the perfect "add on" fundraiser!

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Team Clean can be purchased in bulk at a discounted rate.

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5 - 9 books $5 off per book
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